iPhone Alarm Glitch Another in Long List of Glitches

Thankfully, my three young children serve as the only alarm clock I need. However, many other iPhone users weren't as lucky this morning, when an iPhone alarm glitch kept the phone's alarm from working for the third day in a row.
The iPhone alarm glitch, which the Washington Post reports began on Jan. 1 and should have been rectified by today, Jan. 3, has many iPhone users unhappy. This isn't the first time iPhone users have been disappointed by glitches and errors.

iPhone Alarm Glitch

The alarm glitch is an apparent error in the coding. The arrival of 2011 caused the error, and many iPhone and iTouch alarms failed to work. Since I rarely use the alarm on my own cell phone, the iPhone alarm glitch didn't impact me personally. However, many users are still without working alarms, and Apple reports that they're on the case. If you can't verify that your alarm is working properly, use a back-up alarm until a fix is confirmed. Check out our phones for sale that have alarms already installed on the iPhones. 

iPhone IOS 4 Update Errors

The iPhone iOS 4 update, which occurred in 2010, also caused several headaches for Apple. The update caused iPhone 3G models to lose some functionality while improving the phone's function for iPhone 3Gs users. Issues included applications quitting unexpectedly and the phone freezing and needing to be rebooted.

Many users tried to uninstall the update and return to previous versions of the software, but were unable. The iPhone IOS 4.1 update helped iPhone 3G users restore functionality to their phones.

iPhone 4 Antenna/Signal Issues

The iPhone 4's release was much anticipated by many users. After antenna issues caused signal losses for many users, even Consumer Reports came out stating that they couldn't recommend the phone. The report and user feedback led Apple to respond with a potential solution-specially made bumpers that would keep users from touching the area of the phone now known to cause reception issues.

The Street reported in September that the bumper program has been discontinued, and that Apple insists that the problem isn't as major as initially thought.

After a turbulent year, Apple was likely hopeful to put the issues of 2010 behind them. 2011 and the iPhone alarm glitch certainly hasn't helped them start the year on the right foot.

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